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Great Walks in New Zealand

New Zealand’s Great Walks have been afforded special status and the crowds are efficiently regulated so that you are sure to have a peaceful, tranquil hiking experience even on the most popular tracks. You can pre-book accommodation in the little backcountry ‘huts’ that are located beside the tracks. These have all the amenities you could possibly need for a comfortable stay overnight. So, are you ready to find out where your Whanganui Journey Great Walk is going to take you?

This track is perfect for those who love the water. Get out your wet weather clothing, particularly your waterproof jacket because you will be paddling up the Whanganui River. Wind your way through green bush clad valleys and discover remote hills that take you closer to nature than you have ever been before. Need a break from the paddling and the water? Just hop off and take a walk to the mysteriously named Bridge to Nowhere.

On Day 1, you start out of Taumarunui and paddle down the Whanganui River, in the midst of deep forest valleys. By end of the day you reach Pokaria Campsite where you can spend the night. The second day’s journey takes you further down the river surrounded only by the sounds of nature. Keep watch for the wood pigeon that tend to drop down from the nearby forest, dangerously close to the water before lifting off and flying away.

Make your way to Mangapapa Campsite located deep in the heart of the forest, giving you the impression of being cut off from the world. By the end of day 3, you reach the John Coull Hut, from where you make your way down to the Tieke Kainga Hut on day 4. This is the last stretch of your river journey and you end it on day 5 at Pipiriki. 

Are you ready to take on the Great Walks?

There is a Great Walk for everyone, those with hiking experience and top notch fitness and the casual trekkers who fancy a one day walk. No matter which category you fall into, getting prepped with the right kind of gear is absolutely imperative. Why? Take a look:

• To protect yourself from sunburn, insect bites, quick weather changes 

• To ensure you can traverse the track in comfort and with ease 

• To enjoy the views and experience without worrying about damaging your clothes/ shoes beyond repair 

• To ensure that your clothing is suitable for the trip with adequate storage space for carrying critical things on your person, made with the right material to keep you safe and protected to the maximum 

• To ensure that your clothing does not restrict you from doing all the climbing, walking, paddling and relaxing that you want to do on the trails.

What you need is good quality clothing and accessories that are made with the right breathable, resilient yet 100% comfortable materials. Here are some tips you can use to buy the right things:

• You will be traversing uneven terrain and your footwear will need to give you protection, comforts, support and grip for your feet and ankles. The condition may be wet and cold too, so factor that in when buying footwear. 

• In cold, wet weather, layers of synthetic clothing are better than a single heavy sweater. Wear a base layer for warm weather hiking. You can add on a jacket if it gets a bit chilly and if needed, you can wear rain proof work clothing over that. 

• Dress comfortably, avoid restrictive clothing and opt for cargo shorts or pants. These have plenty of pockets for you to put your essentials like your phone, some basic first aid supplies, some dry foods maybe a water packet. 

• If the sun is in your eyes or shining down hot on your head, hiking can quickly become a pain. Pick up a bucket hat in a light colour to ward off the sun and you can keep much cooler on your trip.

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